who is this kid?

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hey, I’m lachy

Hey! It’s so good to meet you. I’m Lachy Scallion. And this is my life. Did you ever watch the show back in the 90’s? Anyway I’m a 90’s kid. I grew up on ‘the ninch’, Frankston way. Spent a lot of time on the beach and actually still do. It’s where I escape to when I need to think and I’ve always love to watch the way the light changes across the water.

This is usually the part where I'm suppose to tell you how great am and list all my accolades. But I think that’s pretty boring. I don’t take photos for awards. I actually just love taking photos of people and celebrating love. Celebrating unique stories and making you feel comfortable in the process. Couple’s often say that I’m relaxed and that’s how I like to go about being part of your day. Have some fun, take some sweet photos and let you get on with enjoying your day too.

My responsibility as your wedding photographer is to help you celebrate and have the best day possible. Not to take you away from the action but to join in with the festivities and capture whatever the heck unfolds, the tears, the laughter, the jokes, the dancing. I love that each wedding is a unique representation of the two lives coming together and my joy is seeing you have the best of times.


6 Things I like


Beach adventures

I’ve grown up on the Mornington Peninsula and often find myself in the sea all year around. There’s some about the horizon line that helps me sought out my feelings and thoughts.


coffee dates

I seriously do love a black coffee. I’ve had close friends and family work in the speciality coffee scene since I was young so naturally I grew to appreciate the process. From the harvesting of the beans to roasting of the coffee I like sipping my black coffee and thinking about what has happened to bring me this cup of joy.


Travelling with friends

I first set off on a solo adventure to Europe at the age of 19. I ended up staying in Manchester, UK for two years where I actually had my first opportunity to photograph a wedding (but that’s a different story). Since this ‘gap year’ I’ve loved the feeling of jumping on a plane and emerging myself in different environment. It’s refreshing for my creative soul.


Dancing til I can't breathe

I’m pretty energetic when it comes to the D floor.
I grew up playing percussion in rock/reggae band & had a lot of mates in the music industry. Throughout my early 20’s I found myself in music venues across Melbourne usually dancing like a mad man. I particularly like moving to R&B & Hip-Hop ;)



Well I would probably like sunrises too but I’m rarely up that early. I love getting out for a walk with my camera or journal during sunset and capturing the magic that occurs. I’ve been known to disregard my personal safety for chasing that golden light.

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