Start with the Why


So I was on the phone recently to a groom who’s currently planning to lock in his wedding photographer. The story goes that he actually booked a photographer BUT it was for the wrong date 😱

4 weeks out and no photographer!? Yikes. Luckily the photographer was a friend of mine. He passed on my details to the eager groom and I happened to be somewhat available. As I write this now it’s still up in the air but I’m sure he will lock in a photographer sooner rather than later 🙈

Anyway, as I was chatting with this groom we were talking about different aspects of the day he wanted captured. Before saying ‘Yes’ I can do this or that I wanted to know about his WHY. Why he valued having a photographer there at all? And why he wanted certain aspects of the day captured in a particular way.

He then went onto tell me that he had been inspired by aspects of his grandparents wedding video. And although it wasn’t perfect and polished ,there was something about having a snippet of video that made the day come alive in a entirely new way. He also mentioned that he wanted to be surrounded by his wedding photos in his home in the year come. Now that’s pretty good reason to have a wedding photographer right?

Often we adapt traditions and ways of doing things without really questioning them. Especially around the tradition of marriage. We are surrounded by family, friends & social media that all too quickly influence our decision making. I believe each wedding should be representation of the couple getting married. So before adopting traditions you may not believe in. Start with the WHY and have a conversation with your lover about what marriage and it’s expression on a wedding day truly means to you.

Lachy X


Start with the Why